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Your own unique Poppy Painting

Interested in getting your own unique piece of art ? Thinking of a personalised gift for a loved one, for events like a wedding, an anniversary, a graduation, ... ? Or simply because you want to immortalise close family members or pets by having their portrait hand made in the style and colours of your choice ?


Well, I have good news :



    Isa pops also for YOU.






How to get your own Poppy Painting?






1. Your customized poppy portrait on demand

A unique hand made poppy portrait of yourself, a loved one or a pet on canvas in the style, the format and the colours of your choice!



2. Prints of an ISAPOPS painting for you

Get a print of an ISAPOPS painting in the portfolio or from the poppy portraits on canvas, woodpanel, plexiglass or aluminium plate!



3. An original ISAPOPS painting for you

Get an original hand made and unique ISAPOPS painting of the portfolio

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1. Your customized poppy portrait on demand

1. Portrait on demand

How does it work?                            It is all about what YOU want!     

You pick a style, choose the canvas format and let me know what colours you like for a unique hand made customized portrait based on digital pictures.


The price and delivery date will depend on the level of detail in the style chosen and the magnitude of the canvas. I only use quality products for professional artists and guarantee a high finishion result without visible painting strokes. (unless of course a rougher style with the painting knife is preferred). The acryl paint is applied in 4 to 8 glazing layers for a smooth opaque surface.


The canvas is made out of linnen or cotton and stretched on a wooden or aluminium frame, as you prefer. Linnen is more refined than cotton and therefore a little more expensive. Aluminium frames are less common but stronger, and this reflects also in the price. The canvas size varies from 30 x 30 cm up to 80 x 120 cm. You choose the shape and the size. Upon request round canvasses and 3D-edge-canvasses are also available.


The styles I am familiar with are:



Painting is my passion, consequently I organise my free time in function of the demands. In average it takes 3  months to finalize a piece or a set of 2 almost identical pieces. 


Step by step workflow pictures will be provided so that you can watch the portrait evolve from a blanc canvas to a unique poppy painting!


All finished paintings are topped with mat or glossy varnish to protect and keep the colours vibrant over time!

2. Prints of an ISAPOPS painting for you

2. Print of an ISAPOPS painting

Great! You enjoyed my poppy paintings in the portfolio and are interested in a limited edition print of one of the ISAPOPS paintings. Upon request prints are available on Canvas, Woodpanels, Plexi-glass and Aluminium Plates in the size of your choice. Let me know your preferences by using the contact form and the signed print will find its way to you!

3. An original ISAPOPS painting for you

3. Original ISAPOPS painting for you

Fantastic! You enjoyed my poppy paintings in the portfolio so much that you are interested in getting your own exclusive ISAPOPS painting! Get in touch via the contact form and the poppy painting you love will find its way to you! 

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