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Isabelle De Beul - Isa pops  

Isa got fascinated with painting especially because it

reflects inner emotions and tickles your imagination.

Her troubled childhood has been very difficult to digest and she

​needed a way to let go...


Turning unspoken hard feelings into smashing poppy paintings

that spontaneously generate a smile on each' face,

triggered her artistic drive ...


For Isa, painting is like a breath of fresh air, walking barefoot in the garden .. an escape from all sadness of the past and a perspective to a bright and joyful future with her kids, family and friends.


She masters several styles and loves to work with dots, retro/graphic patterns, animals, facial expressions, sensuality and plus size models. Always looking for funny compositions with a quirky touch. She delivers only high finishion artworks with quality products and paints by glazing minimum 4 to 8 layers for a smooth professional good-looking result. 


Painting a 'poppy' portrait of your pet or loved one is quite challenging! It's bringing brightness and happiness by digging in the subject's personality and reaching for an attractive and unique reflection of the pet or the person's spirit. It's also one of the most appreciated gifts. All handmade with care and love, in the style and format of your choice! Each portrait is one of kind!

Over the last 20 years, she took drawing classes, participated to artsy workshops, followed group and individual painting lessons going from abstract, pop-art, surreal to hyper-realistic styles. She had the opportunity to learn from artists like Isara (Isabelle Ravet) and Donat De Praeter.


Her artistic drive seems unstoppable..

What started as a therapeutical escape, soon became an untameable passion and an Isapops' way to make people smile (again) with the little things in life.

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